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LIFESCREEN Australia is transforming the delivery of infusion and injection-based therapies, providing treatment administration and care to patients safely in the comfort of their own home, workplace, or community infusion centre.


Through a national network of highly trained mobile nurses and national infrastructure, LIFESCREEN develops and implements innovative programs and services that improve patient access and outcomes, in partnership with multinational pharmaceutical companies.


LIFESCREEN can help you optimise your medications' effectiveness via safe administration and monitoring, resulting in satisfied patients who enjoy more choice and control as to where and when they receive their treatment. 

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LIFESCREEN Australia is the leading provider of health services to the insurance and corporate industries.


We cover more areas around the country than any other health evaluation service.


Our paramedical and pathology collection services are available in all metropolitan cities and most regional centres throughout Australia.


Our services include:


- Pathology

- Express check

- Nurse, GP or Specialist examination

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