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When a medical assessment is required as part of your Life Insurance application, it is comforting to know you are in safe hands. 

Lifescreen has been providing medical assessment services to Life Insurers for over 25 years.  Our network of highly skilled nurses can usually complete the assessment in the convenience and comfort of your home or workplace.



Lifescreen is your partner in providing a quality service to your clients.

Our dedicated team will manage your client’s case from referral to assessment submission and are always ready to assist with any queries.  One of our experienced nurses will arrange to visit your client at a convenient time and location and explain the details of the assessment to be completed.

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Life insurers

Lifescreen is an industry leader in the provision of pathology and health evaluations, to the Life Insurance industry.

Our network of mobile registered nurses cover more areas around the country than any other medical assessment service, with paramedical and pathology collection services available in all metropolitan cities and most regional centres throughout Australia.