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About us

Lifescreen was established in 1990 and quickly became an industry leader in the provision of pathology and health evaluation services to the Life Insurance industry. 

Sonic Healthcare, one of the world’s largest medical diagnostic companies and a top50 ASX listed company, acquired Lifescreen in 1997.  Backed by Sonic Healthcare, Lifescreen delivers high quality, secure and timely pathology services through the national network of Sonic pathology laboratories.  Sonic Healthcare is a world leader in the delivery of innovative process management models, including high quality, in-house IT systems, allowing Lifescreen to deliver results to advisers and insurers in real time via its Case Management System and its secure encrypted automated results system. Lifescreen has the largest national network of highly trained mobile nurses, GPs and specialists around Australia.

Current services include:

  • Pathology collection and analysis
  • Nurse, GP or Specialist examination
  • ECG and spirometry assessments

Sonic Pathology Australia Laboratories include: