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Lifescreen is your partner in providing a quality service to your clients.

Our dedicated team will manage your client’s case from referral to assessment submission and they are always ready to assist with any queries.  One of our experienced nurses will arrange to visit your client at a convenient time and location and explain the details of the assessment to be completed.

Our service

The case starts as soon as we receive your referral.

Our innovative Case Management System manages all steps in the process and provides real time updates on case status.  You can track the case in our Case Management System or contact one of our Insurance Services Coordinators for an update.

One of our experienced nurses will contact your client directly to arrange the visit and answer any questions.  Once the visit has been completed, all samples collected will be taken to one of our extensive network of pathology providers for analysis.  Results are returned to us electronically and the case checked and completed by one of our Insurance Services Coordinators.

You will be notified once the case is completed so you can inform your client.

We are committed to providing a quality service

Your feedback is important to us and we welcome any suggestions to continually improve our service.

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Our case management system is a secure platform that allows you to refer your clients for testing as well as track case progress easily in real time.

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