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When a medical assessment is required as part of your Life Insurance application, it is comforting to know you are in safe hands.

Lifescreen has been providing medical assessment services to Life Insurers for over 25 years.  Our network of highly skilled nurses can usually complete the assessment in the convenience and comfort of your home or workplace.

What to expect

Depending on your required level of cover and medical history you may be required to undertake one or a number of medical assessments to enable the Life Insurer to assess your insurance application.

The medical assessment is usually conducted by one of our experienced nurses who will contact you to make an appointment at a convenient time and place including your home or work.  The nurse will explain the details of the medical assessment which may include the following:

  • Recording of your medical history
  • Undertaking some basic body measurements such as height, weight and blood pressure
  • Taking of blood for testing
  • Collection of urine for analysis
  • Performing an ECG

The results of the medical assessment will be sent directly to the Life Insurer so they can assess your application as soon as possible.

We are committed to providing a quality service

Your feedback is important to us and we welcome any suggestions to continually improve our service.

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